Boeing 737

Molti di voi voleranno il Boeing 737 come primo aereo una volta terminato il corso di volo. Una volta finito il type rating e il line training siete ufficialmente competenti per volarlo. Ma come ogni good pilot, sapete che potete sempre migliorare.
E qui arriva il B737 Management Reference Guide!
Questa guida è scritta da piloti per piloti. Lo scopo è di farvi ragionare su ogni possibile emergenza.
Ecco come Captain Boone descrive questa pubblicazione:
"Let me give you the following example ; The STARTER VALVE OPEN light illuminates in cruise. If you go look for this light in different 737 system guides, they will tell you that the starter valve is open...

Well, I'm not spending a lot of words telling you that the valve is open, I assume that you know that already. The MRG tells you how to handle this non-normal on the ground and in flight at 37,000 feet. Do you keep the engine running or should you shut it down ? Is there any risk for damage if you keep the engine running ? How does this failure affect the starter and the bleed system ? What is the impact on engine performance ? Does this failure increase fuel consumption ? Should you continue to destination or divert and land asap ? Can you solve the problem by pulling a circuit breaker ? Is this a MEL NOGO after landing ?

These are the kind of questions the MRG will answer for you. All info is based on pilot experience and on Boeing technical manuals, including the AMM, FIM, SSM, SDS, WDM and Boeing Bulletins."
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