Diventa Pilota racommanda il Jet Orientation Course di Pilot Training Network, una scuola di volo della Lufthansa a Frankaforte. 
Training Objective
The Jet Orientation Course (JOC) at InterCockpit teaches future airline pilots extensive basic skills, which are needed for flying a jet aircraft in a short period of time. The training focuses on the general improvement of flying skills and closes the gap between flying propeller-driven ATPL training aircraft and jet aircraft. The allocation of tasks between the Pilot Flying (PF) and the Pilot Monitoring (PM) is emphasized. A finished JOC significantly facilitates the screening and later on the introduction into a type rating at an airline. In 5 progressive sessions complexity and demand on the pilot are increased steadily.
− 2 days of theory training (online self study at home)
− 1 day of classroom briefing in Frankfurt (if no MCC on a full flight simulator is possessed)
− Practice sessions usually planned on 5 consecutive days
Training Overview
− Theory: A total of 25 hours (CBT, classroom, briefings)
− Practice: 5 simulator sessions, 4 hours each (10/10 hours PF/PM) on a B737CL full flight simulator at the Lufthansa Flight Training   Center in Frankfurt.
− If possible: Crew of 3 (10 hours PF, 10 hours PM, 10 hours backseat observer)
Training Progress
− Session 1: Introduction jet behavior, pitch and power concept, introduction ILS approaches
− Session 2: Review and improvement basic jet flying, introduction non-precision approaches
− Session 3: Advanced instrument flying, introduction abnormals, crosswind take-offs and landings
− Session 4: Improve advanced instrument flying, introduction extreme weather conditions, engine failures
− Session 5: Advanced instrument flying in a dynamic ATC environment and expanded screening scenario
− 4,950 EUR
− Valid CPL/IR license with MEP rating and ATPL theory credit
− Valid EASA Class 1 Medical
− ICAO English Language Proficiency Level 4
− Finished Multi Crew Cooperation course (MCC)
The training includes: Fees for all hours in the full flight simulator (B737), fees for the experienced instructors, JOC handout, aircraft systems CBT for self study, training record, certificate with successful conclusion, maps.
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